exceptional durability

Imperial is a luxury upholstery fabric that combines a soft velvet feel with outstanding cleaning results and exceptional durability. Offered in a range of stylish and vibrant colours, it is the ideal choice for any modern interior design

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easy clean memory fabric

Our fabrics are extremely soft and gentle to the touch, whilst maintaining good breathability. Being also anti-static, our fabrics remain comfortable throughout all seasons. Owing to special “memory treatment”, fabric piles always recover to their initial state even after laundering, which ensures our fabrics appear new for a lifetime.

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Imperial quality

Both natural and man made textures and patterns are achieved by special finishing processes. Fabrics are water resistant and easy clean, incredibly soft and comfortable to touch, have a strong memory pile and are machine washable. The Imperial collection has many fashionable colours, textures and patterns to offer.

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soft touch SilkTouch

The Silktouch Collection features an especially silky, soft to the touch fabric. It is both malleable and durable; made thinner and with longer fibres, allowing it to be moulded against any frame in any shape, and still be effortlessly cleaned. Silktouch is a first choice for high demand private and public environments.

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Revolutionary Fabrics

After 40 years of dedication to developing revolutionary upholstery ultra-performance fabrics, we continue to produce and innovate with utilisation of state-of-the-art materials and technologies. All production steps are supported by advanced quality control laboratories, personnel and use of the same instrumentation found in hi-tech industries. Our production cycle also includes numerous proprietary steps.

The end result is an incredible product which is attractive and unique, extremely robust, durable and exceptionally easy-care that can be used with confidence under the most demanding applications, that allow for a more relaxed and happy environment.